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With contactless menus and payment methods now becoming the standard and safer way forward for bars, restaurants and eateries, it’s time to future proof your food and drink service, ensure the safety of your customers and increase your business efficiency.

In this new era of dining following the coronavirus, say goodbye to using physical menus and hello to turning your customers’ smartphones into their very own personal menu card.

Upon entering your restaurant, customers can scan a QR (Quick Response) code with their smartphones where your menus will be displayed on your own branded landing page.

Waiting staff can take the orders simply and easily with no hand-to-hand contact of a physical menu.

Most Restaurants already have a website and some already display their menus in a PDF format – this method is often not smartphone-friendly as the results are not optimised for fast and exact positioning of the information. Our menus are built in an HTML Web format for a spacious and clear view of your food and drink menus, hassle-free.

Secure, Contactless ordering

for use inside the restaurant only

Menu Packages

We offer a package for a single page and multiple page menu to help cater to all requirements to whether your business serves food or drink – each with full branding of your business logo, colours and fonts and the updates, support and maintenance included.

Our sample templates will allow you to navigate and explore the functionality, and help you decide which style is right for you.

Why Switch to Touchless Menus?

With the difficult challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is important to understand the science behind the contact with physical menus and ensure the safety of your staff and customers by moving into a touchless format.

As we continue to see “touchless” becoming a big part of the new norm, the creation of digital menus are rapidly replacing the paper formats. 

Find out why your business should make the switch today.

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