Frequently Asked Questions

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What are QR Codes and how do they work?

Quick Response (QR) Codes are a type of matrix barcode, which is a quick and simple tool to access a specific webpage using the camera on your Smartphone.

How can Smartphone Menus help my business?

This Important safety and convenience trend, allows your customers to view your drinks and food menus without the need to physically touch a table menu, thus removing contact between waiting staff and customers, making food ordering safer and more

Using Smartphone Menus also speeds up the food ordering process, which increases the turnaround time of your restaurant, increasing profit.

How easy is it for me to setup Smartphone Menus for my business?

Simply send us your menus and we will do the rest, our turnkey services means you can be up and running with beautifully designed Smartphone Menus, complete with your restaurant branding in just a few days.

We generate your unique QR code which opens your menus when scanned.

What happens when I want to update my menus?

Updates such as removing, adding or changing a menu item can be sent via a short form in a secure, password-protected area for your business. From there, your updates will be completed within 24-48hrs (please note during busy times updates may take slightly longer), and will be complete under the set number of updates your business has within their package.

Is food and drink included in the menus?

Our menus include all drinks, starters, mains, and side dishes and will be designed in accordance with your chosen package regarding how many menu pages you’ll have. A disclaimer is put on all menus for the customer to ask the staff for any Specials, Guest Drinks or Deserts.

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