QR Code Displays

Smart, branded and professional displays for your unique QR code.

Displays to Access Your Menus

To display your QR Code that takes your customers to your menus in a high-quality, professional way, we offer display products including self-standing tent cards and laser-engraved discs designed to stay on the table and allow contactless navigation to your menus.

Your QR Code will not just allow customers to navigate effortlessly to your menus but will allow you to better understand how and when your customers are interacting with them through your very own set of Advanced Analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Within your Advanced Analytics, you can view reports of the Daily Connection Count, Connections by Days of the Week, Connections by Time of Day and your Top Time of Scans, and Connections by Device type (iOS/Android).

You can then use these reports to analyse and understand the trends of your audience and draw insights about your customers.

A6 Table Tents

Self-Standing Table-Top Display Cards

50mm Table Discs

Square, Laser Engraved Discs

(Not Self Adhesive)

70mm Table Discs

Round, Laser Engraved Discs

(Self Adhesive)

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